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Two best friends plan to crash a party hosted by the most popular kid in their school.

One sunny Friday morning, a bus full of middle schoolers run out and the last two kids out are a girl named Jamie and a boy named Gerald. They’ve been friends since elementary school and are well known as a duo of troublemakers.

“I love going to school!” Jamie says to Gerald.

“I didn’t know you were some kind of nerd.”

“I didn’t mean it like that, I meant I love coming here because of how many kids you and I prank every day!”

“Speaking of pranks, what’s today’s prank gonna be?’’

“I’m not sure what prank we could do today.’’

They walk into the middle school and see the popular kid named Susan passing out invitations to some kids in the hallway.

“Oh great, its Susan. The nicest and most popular girl in school.’’ Jamie says with disgust.

“I agree with you. She’s too nice and she never gets angry at anything or anyone!”

“Remember when we put peanut butter and mustard in her turkey sandwich while she wasn’t looking and thought it was delicious? That made me so infuriated!’’

Just then, Susan walks towards Jamie and Gerald.

“Hey Jamie and Gerald! I’m having a small backyard party at my house tonight but I don’t have any invitations to give to you two.” Susan said with sadness.

“Hey its ok! We’re busy tonight anyways! Jamie says to her.

“Well have fun with whatever you two are doing tonight!’’ Susan says while waving bye to them.

“Hey, I’ve got an idea for our next prank.”

“We’re gonna crash her party?”


After school, Jamie and Gerald start planning out their prank on how to crash Susan’s party.

“What ideas do you have for ruining Susan’s party?” Jamie asks Gerald.

“I’ve got one! Remember that one time we had a class party and some kids had too much sugar and they went hyperactive all over the classroom?”

“Oh yeah! I remember how wild that class party was when that happened!”

“I was thinking we should get a few bags of sugar, sneak into the backyard wearing dark clothing with masks and spiking the punch with the bags of sugar.”

“That sounds so over the top. It’s perfect!”

After buying 4 bags of sugar from the store, they go to the street where Susan’s house is and hide in a bush while the party guests walked in the lit up backyard.

“Alright, lets go through the whole plan again. We sneak into the backyard, turn off the lights and then pour all the sugar in the punch. After that we celebrate by watching the chaos afar with sodas!”

They both fist bump each other for good luck.

Jamie sneaks into the house and finds the plug to the lights outside. She pulls the plug and the all the lights turn off.

“What happened?” someone says.

While it was still dark, both of them start pouring and mixing all the sugar in the punch. After that, they go back into the bush they were hiding in.

“Mission accomplished!” Jamie says while hi-fiving Gerald.

The lights turn back on, but there’s no noise this time. Jamie and Gerald are confused and walk towards the gate door.

“Everyone’s gone!” Jamie says surprised.

“Where’d they go?”

Gerald then steps on something and checks what he stepped on. It was a green prank button. When he realized it was a trap and tried to tell Jamie, it was too late.

Plastic buckets full of syrup fell on both of them, along with pillow feathers and lastly, pies to their faces.

They both scream in terror and run off. Everyone starts cheering and congratulate Susan for her plan of teaching Jamie and Gerald a lesson with a prank of hers.

“I may be nice, but no one messes with Susan!”

I like to write funny stories as a hobby.

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